The How of Chilling

Now that we have introduced the idea that we could chill out a little more, you might ask how that might be accomplished. A good way to begin is to understand what stress really is, and to learn how to handle it more effectively.

Most of us acknowledge that stress is a major concern in modern living – both personally and collectively. Stress has been shown to be a significant problem in terms of many health issues such as cardiac, digestive, and respiratory and emotional conditions, in relationship difficulties, and has resulted in billions of lost dollars from substandard productivity and missed work time. Stress is the "carbon dioxide of our inner atmosphere". Yet, very few people have a good understanding of what stress really is, and how best to manage stress.

Stress is a natural, normal and necessary part of how we function effectively as human beings. Stress itself is not a problem. Stress is as necessary a physiological process. Similar to a well-functioning digestive system, it depends on achieving balance -- between the nutrients we take and the energy we expend. In terms of our stress system, the balance is between how much we experience the Stress Reaction and how much our Relaxation Response is activated. A good balance of both will result in a healthier, more satisfied and less troublesome life experience.

It's Time for the World to Chill Out

Most of us know about Global Warming and its potentially catastrophic effects on our world and on our own lives. At times, we may feel helpless in the face of such dramatic changes, and our own efforts may seem ineffective given the colossal amount of pollution emitted every day into the atmosphere, and into our rivers and oceans.

But there is another form of Global Warming occurring — our own inner atmospheres are heating up due to high levels of stress, frustration, fear and worry. The demands of work, family life, rapid technological change, the threat of violence, commuting and higher costs of living, all contribute to higher levels of stress and “inner over-heating.”

We see incidents of global "inner-warming" on our streets in the form of road rage, and health problems such as heart attacks, high blood pressure and more vulnerable immune systems.

Chill The World is an online forum to encourage people around the world to “Chill Out” and to reduce the warming of our own inner world.

This site was created by two guys who wanted to make a difference. They met a few years ago at their favorite fish and chip shop in Toronto and talked about how they could help others, not by imposing an ideology or set of values to be followed, but rather, to help people find “inner freedom”, which every person deserves and is intended to experience.

Out of that lunch meeting, they developed the innovative website, It is a website that helps people learn simple breathing and visualization techniques to help us feel less stressed. Soon after the site was up and running, Chill The World was born.

Just think about what our world would be like if we could lessen the amount of stress people feel every day — maybe we could reduce the number of conflicts and violent confrontations that occur daily in our streets, our communities and between countries.

We believe that a pathway to a better world begins with ourselves and how well we look after our own body and mind.

Breathe. Laugh. Relax, if only for a moment.

Now is the time to chill out — and help our world to evolve into more peaceful, joyful, prosperous and fun planet to live.